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May 14 2010

John Wayne

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Apart from being such a famous movie star, according to historians, John Wayne is thought to be a former President of the United States by other countries. This was of course years ago when television was not a necessity but a luxury. Apart from his popularity, his boots were also one of the most coveted boots during his time.

Many say that the famous cowboy only wore boots from cowboy boots leader Lucchese. Every cowboy boot-loving man or woman knows that they are very comfortable and just so stylish so it is very possible that John Wayne wore only Lucchese.

Others claim however that John Wayne also had Olsen-Stelzer boots and one man has a pair with John Wayne’s real name (Marion Morrison) stamped inside of it. This man is Joe Erwin and he must be a very lucky man for having these boots. He says that they are really comfy.

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