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May 22 2013

Ostrich Cowboy Boots: Full Quill and Beyond

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Full Quill Ostrich Boots - Exotic BootsOstrich skin has no doubt become a luxury item that people can enjoy on their bags, wallets, belts, and especially their footwear. In particular, Full Quill Ostrich Skin Boots are the most heavily-demanded form of exotic boots that are currently available. With variations in size, strength, color and texture, ostrich skin boots offer bootwearers everywhere the opportunity to customize their most stunning pair of boots.

Why Ostrich Skin Boots?

Despite the enthusiasm that exists in the boot wearing community for this follicle-covered footwear, full quill ostrich skin boots are actually a relatively new fashion phenomenon. No doubt, the thought of a rugged cowboy bursting through the saloon doors in a brand-new pair of ostrich boots seems implausible; ostrich boots have actually only been around since the 1970s, whereas their equestrian and cowboy relatives date back to the 16th and 19th centuries, respectively. Since their popularity has grown, ostrich skin boots have developed an entire culture around them about quality and other components that make them a western wear favorite. Here are a few of the basics about ostrich skin boots:

  • Unique Appearance: While the colors might change, the one characteristic that all ostrich skin boots share is the speckling of quill follicles. These raised bumps offer a texture that traditional bovine hide doesn’t, and has an unmistakable connotation of luxury. What’s interesting, is that the portion of the ostrich skin that contains the follcles – called the crown – only comprises about a third of the entire ostrich hide. This is why the “full quill” title is so prestigious: the boot is made entirely from the very best part of the ostrich skin where the feathers used to be.
  • Durability: Although the ostrich isn’t typically regarded as one of the more formidable species in the animal kingdom (at least compared to cows and crocodiles), the ostrich skin is one of the strongest commercial leathers in existence. This adds even greater value to the skin’s appearance, since an authentic pair of ostrich boots is essentially a guarantee that you will be able to enjoy the boots for a long time.
  • Quality Control: An entire production subculture has emerged around the collection and preservation of ostrich products called the World Ostrich Association. As bizarre as this type of organization might seem, they are responsible for detailing the criteria for quality ostrich skin. Their list of methods for evaluating ostrich products is available online and adheres to very strict standards for skin quality. Although the WOA doesn’t enforce these standards at the seller/trader level, their standards are what help traders and manufacturers produce the best possible ostrich skin boots for you, the boot wearer.

Full Quill Ostrich Skin Boots

Despite the strength of the ostrich skin, it needs to be handled through a very delicate processing program that requires over 35 stages of soaking, tanning, cutting, dying, trimming, grading, measuring and packing. While the manufacturing process is rigorous, the final product is magnificent ostrich boots with elegant follicular spotting. Take this information and allow it to help you select the best possible pair of full quill ostrich skin boots the next time you are shopping for cowboy boots!

Aug 18 2011

The Use of Exotic Leather On Cowboy Boots

Published by Sigrid under Cowboy Boots

If you love cowboy boots made out of exotic skin, you must learn how to care for them. Most cowboy boots are made from cow or pig leather but those who want a special pair of boots in their collection choose boots made from exotic animals such as that of reptiles or birds.  Exotic leather is unique and more often than not more attractive than the usual leather we always see. One can see a range of textures from exotic leather and a range of tones too. Cowboy boots, wallets, belts and different shoes are made from exotic leather and these products are usually sought after by those who know what is worth buying.

One concern among consumers however is that some animal species used in such products are endangered but only very few bootmakers use almost extinct hides for their boots so basically, you do not have anything to worry about. Most bootmakers make use of leather from animals that are abundant and are not subject to or threatened by the trade of leather. Reputable cowboy boot dealers only sell exotic leather products that are legally traded. If you own ostrich boots, you would have to learn how to keep them in good condition.

You can do this by taking good care of them since ostrich leather is easy to maintain. They are also resistant to scuffs and of course scratches –making them look brand new all the time. There are boot care products you can use on your ostrich boots.

Lanolin based conditioners are highly advised though because these products can clean ostrich leather thoroughly. Although considered exotic, ostrich leather is sturdy and very durable unlike other types of exotic leather.

Cowboy boots made out of eel, elephant, alligator, water snake, python or lizard leather are harder to maintain if you compare them to ostrich leather.